Plans for 2018

Plans for 2018

I’m beginning to like this process of the year: picking a list of what to do. I need to be lofty…though I don’t know if I always hit the mark.


  • Finish my ‘Breif Lives’ book

Although the manuscript is almost complete, I still need to do a lot of finishing touches, not to mention have my beta readers go through it. Then I need to prepare the other side info (query letter, page files, etc…) in order to get it ready to be sent out. I’m hoping I have luck this year with it. The last project got some notice, so I want this one to get more.


  • I need a new writing project.


I’ve been sitting on Brief Lives for a while, perfecting it, because many of my students and wife, included, think I’m writing way too fast. Maybe so. Thus I’m taking my time, shifting things to exactly where I want them. That being said, I am looking forward to something new to break my brain on. At this moment, thought, I’m lost. I have no idea what will happen next, but usually my writing desires happen spontaneously.


  • Tackle two big books: Gaddis’ J.R., and Don Quixote.


I plan to do J. R. this spring as it was my Christmas present. After the Recognitions, I really wanted to try another tome by this guy. Now I have it. I can’t wait. As for Don Quixote, I’ve heard about how genius it is for years, so in the fall, I will finally get around to it.


  • Read 50 books


Every year, I feel this is a good goal to start with. So far, the past two years, I haven’t kept it—I’ve surpassed, usually around summer time. I hope the same will be true this year.


Besides that, I don’t have much else. I do hope my students finish their books so I can prep them for agenting, but that is up to their hard work, not mine.

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