About Me

I grew up in Wisconsin, graduating from University of Wisconsin-Madison with an English degree. Afterwards, I came to Korea to teach. Here, I gained a Master degree in teaching and married, now with a young daughter. I am mainly a writing and literature teacher to students, combining my love of reading and writing. This experience has reunited me with a love for all books, having to unearth all my favorites as a kid, and discovered new writers I enjoy. My tastes–once classic and experimental–have become mixed with all genres. This has influenced the way I write which I spend much of my free-time doing.

I can always be reached at:

Keats0810 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Or at Facebook

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Tim. Thanks for the follow, which I’ve reciprocated, although I don’t always. I’ll be away today, but I’ll get back to check out more of your site and work. It looks interesting. Cute picture by the way!


    1. Thanks. I enjoy Ramona’s site and noticed your comments so checked your site out. Looks interesting with many things I’d like to check out when I get more time.


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