Top Three Self Published Books of 2015

Top Three Self Published Books (I’ve read in 2015) Out of the thirty books I reviewed last year, here were the best. I wanted to give them a little nod before I move onto this year's list. Here goes. 1) Solitaire Prince by Tyan Wyss   This book came to me through a reading group … Continue reading Top Three Self Published Books of 2015

The Fine Line of Adults in Middle Grade and YA

The Fine Line of Adults in Middle Grade and YA This is probably not the first time you’ve heard someone raise this issue. I’ve seen a large number of other writers/reviewers comment on the same—the seemingly lack of parental presence in many novels aimed at younger readers. They find it outrageous and are rather unforgiving … Continue reading The Fine Line of Adults in Middle Grade and YA

Root Bound

Root Bound (Emma and the Elementals #1) (Middle Grade) By Tanya Karen Gough  Rating Synopsis Moving to yet another new house, Emma encounters many strange things beyond just the pretty girls at school. She eventually meets and accompanies the strange creatures called Brownies into the Under—a world that exist just below ours that ties everything … Continue reading Root Bound

Echo 1: Approaching Shatter

Echo 1: Approaching Shatter (Sci-fi) By Kent Wayne Rating Synopsis Atriya lives on another planet in the future. It is a dangerous place ruled with military stiffness, but Atriya is beginning to see things aren’t as they seem. Unfortunately, no one lives in a bubble, and before Atriya can make sense of things, his actions … Continue reading Echo 1: Approaching Shatter

The Fantastic Fable of Peter Able

The Fantastic Fable of Peter Able (Fantasy?) By Natalie Grigson Rating Synopsis Peter Able is an ex-boy wizard just learning the ropes of no longer having a book series. As he adjusts to his new life in the land of Fiction, his life is turned upside down when he meets Randy Potts and the mystery … Continue reading The Fantastic Fable of Peter Able

Falcon Boy

Falcon Boy (I’m not sure) /Users/timothylearn/Desktop/23431919.jpg By Barnaby Taylor Rating 2 stars Synopsis Dr. Don’t Know unfurls a plan to take over the world. Luckily, Falcon Boy and his sidekick are (sort-of) there to stop it. Prose This is going to be difficult, so let’s get started. The writing is actually good in the way … Continue reading Falcon Boy

Super Nobody

Super Nobody (YA) By Brent Meske Rating Synopsis Michael Washington is a normal boy in a normal town until, obviously, things change. At first, he just has trouble making friends. In fact, he is the target of quite a few bullies. The prospect of a newer, odder student in the girl called Charlotte seems promising, … Continue reading Super Nobody

Sizzle, Inc. (Isabella Maxwell Escapades #1)

Shizzle Inc. (Isabella Maxwell Escapades #1) (Humor / Satire) By Ana Spoke Rating Synopsis Isabella’s life long dream has been to get discovered, you know, be famous. Unfortunately, after her boyfriend breaks up with her and she has little left in prospects or skills, she decides to try out for a new job at the … Continue reading Sizzle, Inc. (Isabella Maxwell Escapades #1)

Fireflies (Airborne #1)

Fireflies (Airborne#1) (Middle Grade) By Bree Wolf  Rating Synopsis Gabriel was a boy lost in a world of fantasy in his computer games until his fighting / busy parents sent him to his grandparents’ place in the countryside. With his life turned upside down, Gabriel tries to adjust, only to realize there is adventure outside … Continue reading Fireflies (Airborne #1)

On Reviews

On Reviews Since publishing my own books and taking on the task of critiquing others’ works, I can’t get the difficulty of reviews out of my head. It’s frustrating, and I’ve never really paid attention to it before. First off, it’s subjective. You may think I’m stupid since that’s clearly a given, but what I’m … Continue reading On Reviews