The Fine Line (of comparisons)

The Fine Line (of comparisons)   As Buddhists say, “Comparisons are the root of all evil.” And despite bad judgment, the rule to follow for parents of multiple children. So, too, for an aspiring ‘anything,’ this is a golden rule too quickly forgotten. We draw comparisons between ourselves and every expert we come across. It […]

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What I learned from ‘Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children’

What I learned from ‘Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children’ Even before finishing Ransom Riggs’ book, I was beginning to have a familiar feeling—one deep within that spread all over and throbbed in the back of my skull. I’ve been having this feeling more and more often nowadays, and only by reading his book, things […]

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The Fine Line of Repetition

The Fine Line of Repetition   This is maybe one thing in writing that too often goes unnoticed, but many writers nowadays seem to overlook the strengths and usually weaknesses of repetition. Is it all bad—no! Is it good—resoundingly no! So let me explain. Most people tackle editing with the sole desire to route out […]

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The Fine Line of Prologues

The Fine Line of Prologues To be honest, I never had a problem with prologues. Most of the time, I barely noticed their presence and read them duly as I felt I was supposed to. Now, true, some were less needed than others. One that particularly comes to mind is from the book ‘Timebound.’ In […]

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