Why We Write?

Why We Write? While wrestling with my students on why they should write—at all—I came upon a quote from Plato’s Phaedrus that helped me understand what exactly I wanted to express to them. In it, Teuth explains how he invented writing and Thamus is giving his critique of this new invention. ‘Those who acquire it […]

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Top Three Rules for Descriptions

Top Three Rules for Descriptions When it comes to descriptions, most newbie writers—and even some vets—go way overboard. To some degree, I understand why. When I started, I did the same thing. In part, it was due to all those exquisite books I read and loved. Their words flowed through my head, and getting an […]

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The Fine Line (of comparisons)

The Fine Line (of comparisons)   As Buddhists say, “Comparisons are the root of all evil.” And despite bad judgment, the rule to follow for parents of multiple children. So, too, for an aspiring ‘anything,’ this is a golden rule too quickly forgotten. We draw comparisons between ourselves and every expert we come across. It […]

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