A Look Back Part 8: Non Fiction

A Look Back at My Reading List (2017 Part 8: Non Fiction) Here is my final breakdown of my reading list from last year. It is non fiction. I’ve been doing more reading in this area and figured it deserved its own place in my list. I’ve grown into more economic based books but some... Continue Reading →


A Look Back Part 7: Book Club Reads

A Look Back at My Reading List (2017 Part 7: Book Club Reads) I added this category this year as I joined a book club. I hope to continue this next year, but so far it looks like my little club is dying. Nonetheless, I joined in March and went through until November when the... Continue Reading →

Top Three Things I’ve learned about writing 2017

Top Three Things I’ve learned about writing 2017 Patience I think in any vocation this may be the hardest thing to struggle with. You want people to take what you have with the same enthusiasm that you offer them or other projects, but that isn’t what always happens. Whether it be trading stories with a... Continue Reading →

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