Chewy 2

I also want to get the second Chewy book fully completely. Currently, Trevor is finishing the cover and then I want to try out Amazon’s Kindlescout to see how I can fare. After that, I need to get it ready to be printed for my students.

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Chewy Noh

I’ve also planned to shop my first book for my students around. They’ve enjoyed it much and so I hope others can too. I’m trying to hit as many agents or publishing companies possibly…aiming to send it out ten e-mails a week. This might zap a lot of my time, sadly.

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Turtle Man Project

For this break, I hope to fix the beginning of the story I started last winter break. It needs to be updated and naturalized–in other words, the dialog is a bit clunky and I need to raise the stacks faster. Another full edit might be needed, but the end part too, needs updating and refining. […]

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