April Review

Aprill 2017 Tough month with reading, but I just barely got it in under the wire. Books Read First read this month: Jo Nesbo’s Snowman. This book comes with a lot of acclaim; many saying it resembles the Millennium Trilogy. However, I disagree. Though it had all the elements of a good crime story—misdirection, a […]

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End of March 2017 Review

March 2017 With the beginning of the semester, I’ve been a bit bogged down, but here’s what I’ve been able to accomplish. Books Read The first book down is the graphic novel, Awkward. It has wonderful drawings, almost resembling at times to anime or cartoons, but with a particularly endearing style for its topic. Overall, […]

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End of February

February 2017 Kept up certain trends this month as well. Maybe next month I’ll get back in the swing of things. Books Read To start out with is a book I actually read last month but forgot to toss on the list: Mrs. Dalloway. It was a reread, as I had tackled this book back […]

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End of December Review

End of December Review My motivation dragged a bit this month, but I hope it’ll pick up with the long break heading my way. Here’s what I’ve done. Books Read and/or Reviewed First, I tackled the long and windy ‘It Can’t Happen Here.’ With Trump’s election, this book started popping up everywhere, and I can […]

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End of November

End of November Review As always, when something new jumps into my schedule, other items are sacrificed for the time and attention. So it is this month as well. Books Read and/or Reviewed First, I jumped into Jay Asher’s ‘13 Reasons Why.’ It’s another YA book about suicide, coming right on the heels of me […]

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End of October Review

End of October Review A long month of test and other misadventures, but I was surprisingly able to finish more than I expected. I was anticipating to be busier and so to read less, but I pulled off almost an average month. On top of that, I got some editing done on some other writers’ […]

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End of September Review

End of September Review The semester started and then I was hit by tons of vacation time. I feel as if I haven’t even started yet. Because of this, I was able to get a lot finished, most of all, the editing book I’ve been struggling to get to. I push myself into it and […]

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