My Problem with YA

My Problem with YA Until last year, I never really delved into this subsection of books. To be honest, I don’t really divvy up my reading list into such nonsensical categories, but as I started writing more frequently, knowing these titles has become important. With it, I’ve begun to see there’s a large problem with […]

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What I Learn about Illuminae

What I Learn about Illuminae Here is another book (series) that is driving everyone crazy. So many spout how it is so original and amazing. The characters, especially the AI—AIDAN—is so unique and interesting. However, again, I’m not amused. The flaws—though there are many—mainly lies in two areas which seem to be the major distinctions […]

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Year in Review (Reading) 2016

Year in Review (Reading) 2016 Having just completed my year-end review for writing, I can also see why I may’ve not produced as much this year: I’ve read a whole helluva lot more. Compared to last year’s count—52 books, pretty much one a week—this year I’ve already put down 75 and by the time this […]

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Year in Review (Writing) 2016

Year in Review (Writing) 2016 I’ve accomplished quite a bit this year when it comes to writing. Last year, I produced many more blog posts and wrote three of the Chewy books, so in this way, it may look like I was less productive, but maybe not. First, I finished ‘Chewy Noh and the Jamais […]

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What I Learned…from Han Gong Ju

What I learned from ‘Han Gong Ju’ There are just some movies that stick in your head for while. Sometimes they’re good; sometimes they’re bad. This is definitely one of the good ones, but not one to be watched by just anyone. The whole movie follows the titular character, Han Gong Ju—a high school student—around […]

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