Top Three Plans for 2017

Top 3 Plans for 2017 There are a few things I’d like to achieve in the next year. True, the list is always growing, but one must narrow things down to get anything done. 1) Finish my ‘Crasher’ book I’ve had this idea in my head for a while and have let it sit and... Continue Reading →


Top Three Things I’ve learned about writing 2016

Top Three Things I’ve learned about writing 2016   1) Little Adventures This may sound strange, ‘little adventures’—what does that mean? Well, only when I sat down and started to think of it, that is of the many books I loved, it was always the little events in each chapter, each book that remained so... Continue Reading →

My Top Three Pet Peeves in the Dialogue of Self-published Work

My Top Three Pet Peeves in the Dialogue of Self-published Work Having read many self-published books recently, I’ve encountered three jarring habits among these authors that rip me right from my enjoyment of reading. To be honest, I have been guilty of them all as well at some point in my writing, and I hope... Continue Reading →

Top Three Words of Advice to New Self-publishing Authors

Top Three Words of Advice to New Self-publishing Authors   It’s been a year now since I started self-publishing. I’ve learned a lot, and the first thing I’d tell myself a year ago is “Don’t do it.” But I’d do it anyways. Why? You learn a lot. Self-publishing is hard. Any blogger with their book... Continue Reading →

Top Three Series I Won’t Finish

Top Three Series I Won’t Be Continuing The one thing anyone loves—I’m sure—is an awesome series, especially if it’s already fully written and you can just keep jumping from one book to the next. I’m reminiscent of series like Harry Potter, The Millennium Trilogy, and more. But every so often you read the first installment... Continue Reading →

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