Year in Review (Reading) 2018

Year in Review (Reading) 2018 Unlike other past years, this year my writing was cut back in certain ways, though I still wrote a lot. In consequence, my read skyrocketed. Well, this is not just due to my shifted writing duties, but also to a better management of my time. Mainly, I read more before … Continue reading Year in Review (Reading) 2018

Year in Review (Writing) 2018

Year in Review (Writing) 2018 Again, I’ve taken a different approach to writing this year. While I haven’t finish a fiction book, per se, I have put a lot of work into one, and have complete a non-fiction book for my students. First, I’m now more than three-fourths done with my next project—American Snowflakes. It … Continue reading Year in Review (Writing) 2018

Plans for 2019

Plans for 2019 My sentiments are usually the same when it comes to this: I want to push myself, but choosing something to high can be daunting. I had to explain this to my daughter as it came to New Year’s resolutions. But, here are mine: Finish writing two books again this year Last year, … Continue reading Plans for 2019

End of Month: July 2018

July 2018 Most of this month has been spent traveling, visiting family, stocking up on clothes and American food. Still, I was able to get to much more reading than I thought. Because of this, I’ve pushed my reading to 100 books for the year—way beyond what I’ve reached before, though this month is a … Continue reading End of Month: July 2018

January Review 2018

January 2018 With the new year, I’m deciding to change my reading habit a bit by adding ratings to hopeful make my feelings a bit clearer, if not to also leave a more meaningful impact on certain books I greatly disagree with or loath. Therefore, I will be adding that rating here as well. Or … Continue reading January Review 2018