Adult Fiction

Here is the fiction I write for adults and myself. They tend to be in the vein of what I enjoy.

If you would like a free copy of either book, fill out the form at the bottom of the post, and I can try to accommodate you. Thanks again!

1) The Turtle Man Project

This story is based off the yet-to-be comic strip / comic created by Tom ‘the Dinker’ and own by R.C.A. Enterprises, Inc. it is about a turtle who uses his excessive sweating to stop crime. With little knowledge of his back story, I filled in the details with my own, expanding on how he came to be and the forces that have aligned against him.

The gist: as the story grew, I wanted to explore the idea of media and its role in our perception of the world, and the gravity science has gained in our lives, extending itself to the realm of almost cult and pseudoscience in many instances. Although I support science, I find quite a bit to be more political than objective. In the book, I have fun with this notion.



2) The Sri and the Tennis Knee Catastrophe

This book comes from many years of reading about mysticism. It all started after rereading J.D. Salinger’s exceptional short story ‘Teddy’ in the Nine Stories collection. I enjoy the train of thought all types of mysticism provides on religion, moving further away from rote and ritual to the underlying reason for most religious tenets.

The gist: this story was meant to explain and explore some of the ideas I found or contemplated over, specifically yoga and Hinduism. This is about the spiritual side of it, not the religious side with other spiritual ideas mixed in.




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