Month in Review: September

September 2018 Back into my semester, I tried to get more writing done, but have slowed down a bit, as you can see with a measly 10,000 word count added to my total. The reading has only appeared to be smaller than usual because I’m devouring every single Walking Dead comic I can find. I … Continue reading Month in Review: September

End of June Review

June 2018 With another semester coming to an end, I found some time on my hands. I wasn’t able to read as much as I’m used to—usually eight to ten books a month—but I also got a lot of reading, planning, and rewriting done. I’m very happy with where I’m at right now—though I wish … Continue reading End of June Review

April–End of Month Wrap Up!

April 2018 Been busy this month, as usual, but actually complete a lot more than I expected. Books Read Again, I tried something light, so I read They Both Die at the End. Ah…yeah, it’s YA, and it fits all the horrible requirements that are YA. There is heavy repetition, bloating the book out to … Continue reading April–End of Month Wrap Up!

End of March

March 2018 The new semester started and everything’s going full swing again, yet still I’ve gotten some things done that I’m proud of finding the time to do. Books Read First up, I read this very strange ‘On Method Acting,’ inspired by my earlier read of ‘Moonwalking with Einstein.’ I wanted to up my game … Continue reading End of March

Two Common Writing Mistakes

A Review of Common Mistakes While Writing My one friend decided to write his own book, too, so I said, “Hey, let me see what you got!” And so he did, and immediately, the finer grammarian hairs on my neck stood up. Though I don’t take such things as seriously as other, I do find … Continue reading Two Common Writing Mistakes

Top Three Things I’ve learned about writing 2017

Top Three Things I’ve learned about writing 2017 Patience I think in any vocation this may be the hardest thing to struggle with. You want people to take what you have with the same enthusiasm that you offer them or other projects, but that isn’t what always happens. Whether it be trading stories with a … Continue reading Top Three Things I’ve learned about writing 2017

Plans for 2018

Plans for 2018 I’m beginning to like this process of the year: picking a list of what to do. I need to be lofty…though I don’t know if I always hit the mark. Finish my ‘Breif Lives’ book Although the manuscript is almost complete, I still need to do a lot of finishing touches, not … Continue reading Plans for 2018

Year in Review (Writing) 2017

Year in Review (Writing) 2017 This year has seen many changes in the way I’m going about my writing. On top of that, I’ve fully written two books of different genres while delving into some side projects. First, I complete the manuscript for an idea I’ve brooding over for a while. One day while watching … Continue reading Year in Review (Writing) 2017

End of the Month: November

November 2017 Another month down, and it didn’t go quite as I had planned, but…we’ll see. Books Read First, I zipped through another quick library read. Usually English books—especially contemporary and current ones—are hard to find here in Korea, but I saw this on the shelf and picked it up. It was all over the … Continue reading End of the Month: November