Look Back / Part One: Adult Lit

A Look Back at My Reading List

(2017 Part 1: Adult Literature)

I’ve now ended my second year of Goodreads reading challenge. I didn’t hit as high a mark as last year (reading 81 books total), but when you really look at the details, 75 books, ain’t bad.

As I did last year, I chose to break down my reading habits to see what books I devoured. One noticeable difference right away would be the absence of Indy reads. I decided this year to no longer spend time reading independently published or distributed books. This may seem harsh, but like most say, you can really tell what you’re getting when you pick those kinds of books up. Usually, the editing was shoddy, and the story telling was weak. I most often found only a rare gem out of every thirty or so I read, so at that rate, it can get daunting. Therefore, I’ve forgone this category this year.

Again, this topic hits around 22 books or 1/4 my reading total. And just like last year, I’ve primary labeled books that are more modern reads that aren’t classically known as the next installment will cover. Therefore, books like Kosinski’s Being There is here as is Life A Manual because they don’t exactly register as classics in the normal sense.

Otherwise, here are my adult reads:



19256975.jpg201271.jpgThe best pick for Adult Lit is hard. So many good ones. But I’d have to go with Keiko Higashino–the author. I’ve loved so many of his books this year that it’s hard to pick, but I’ll narrow it down to two: Journey Under the Midnight Sun and Naoko. Both blew me away with scope and ingenuity. He is fun. These are the books I wish I could read again for the first time.

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