April–End of Month Wrap Up!

April 2018 Been busy this month, as usual, but actually complete a lot more than I expected. Books Read Again, I tried something light, so I read They Both Die at the End. Ah…yeah, it’s YA, and it fits all the horrible requirements that are YA. There is heavy repetition, bloating the book out to … Continue reading April–End of Month Wrap Up!

Plans for 2018

Plans for 2018 I’m beginning to like this process of the year: picking a list of what to do. I need to be lofty…though I don’t know if I always hit the mark. Finish my ‘Breif Lives’ book Although the manuscript is almost complete, I still need to do a lot of finishing touches, not … Continue reading Plans for 2018

Year in Review (Reading) 2017

Year in Review (Reading) 2017 I did again. I complete my reading goals and then some. Although my writing kept its usual pace, I was happy that neither suffered due to each other this year. Two years ago, I took down 52 books. Last year, it was 81. This year, I dropped a bit landing … Continue reading Year in Review (Reading) 2017

Top Three Failures in Humor (when it comes to writing)

Top Three Failures in Humor (when it comes to writing) What is the impetus for this post? Well, dishing out my opinions on self-published books, I’ve encountered many faulty attempts at humor, and it seems authors are sometimes a little short-sighted to what they’ve done. Again, this is something I’m guilty of—and probably most of … Continue reading Top Three Failures in Humor (when it comes to writing)