Top Three Things I’ve learned about writing 2017

Top Three Things I’ve learned about writing 2017


  • Patience

I think in any vocation this may be the hardest thing to struggle with. You want people to take what you have with the same enthusiasm that you offer them or other projects, but that isn’t what always happens. Whether it be trading stories with a reviewer or sending it to agents, patience is hard to handle. Often I find myself muttering to calm down or don’t expect so much. I am one of those kinds of people that put lists together and then finish them. I know most are not this way. Still, it can get under my skin and, truthfully, hurt a bit because I end up taking it as a bad sign or that others just don’t care. Sometimes, they’re just too busy or have different priorities. And some are just lazy—yes!


  • Different Tastes

I had a wonderful experience this year with Manuscript Wish List. They had this special where if you paid 50$ you could talk to an agent for 10 minutes. I decided to do so because my queries and books weren’t getting much of a reaction. I spoke to Andrea Somberg @andreasomberg. She was kind and genuinely caring. But as she critiqued my query letter, she did point out how subjective all of this really is. She said one word rubbed her the wrong way and advised to avoid other such phrasing. This got me thinking how so many people are similar. Think of those who hate the word ‘moist.’ I don’t understand it, but hate as you must. All in all, I saw that publishing is much more difficult in this manner because you have to reach out to someone on the same wavelength as you. If you can’t find them…


  • Each project has their own problems

I know many have spoken of this, but I experience it over and over it again with every new project. I have to admit this is one part of writing I like. Puzzles and thinking games have always been favorites of mine. I enjoy mulling over things until I can unravel how they work and writing seems to be the ultimate form of this—figuring out the best way to do this, the most believable way to present the story. And just like other puzzles, the more I do it, the better and faster I am at it. I hope others feel the same way. If not, I wonder what makes the difficulty so attractive.

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