End of February Review

End of February Review


Clearly, I haven’t been very productive this month, and that goes without saying. I’ve been mighty busy visiting home, flying here and there. Overall, it’s been a good break and I’m happy to be back. Nonetheless, I’ll run down what I was able to accomplish, if at all.


Books Read and/or Reviewed


As stated before, I’m not reviewing or reading any self-published books over my vacation. I hope to get back into the swing of things soon, though that might be hard for the next couple of weeks. As for my other reading, that, too, has suffered, but I can say that I’ve started a few books, actually. They will most likely be up on my goodreads tally soon.


Book Reviews Received


Again, my reviews received have been slow. I got one post onto goodreads. Otherwise, most bloggers I go to have been busy and will be reading and hopefully posting about Chewy Noh sometime soon. That being said, I did renew my goodreads ad, but haven’t seen my sales or clicks bounce back up. With this in mind, I’m wondering why the sudden slump of interest.


Progress on 2016 goals


  • Finish Chewy 5: No writing done this month, but with all the free time on flights from city to city, I was able to edit and review over the first part. This has allowed me to get a better scope and grip of the story. I’m excited to get back to work and start pushing forward into the final lap.
  • Read ‘The Recognitions’: Again, little progress here. I’ve picked up Wallace’s ‘Broom of the System,’ Ness’ ‘The Knife of Never Letting Go,’ and Nelson’s ‘I’ll Give You the Sun,’ so I might be backed up for the time being before cracking that big tome open. But it will happen!
  • Compiling my Editing book: Sadly, I haven’t even looked at this, but with only two months down, I feel a little more procrastination is fine.


Next Month’s Agenda


I hope to put down the fourth part in Chewy 5. On top of this, I have two books I’m beta-reading, and from the looks of it, both need extensive work. Added to this, I will be reading and finishing the new books on my TBR (listed above), along with, hopefully, restarting my semester of reviews for self-published authors. It should be a busy March.


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