A Reflection of One Year

A Reflection of One Year


I’m happy to say I’ve now had this blog up and running for a year. On top of that, I’ve published a hefty amount of posts. It’s been thrilling so far to have an outlet as well as something that keeps me focused on not just writing fiction and getting it out there for people to see, review, and comment on, but also to have a place to put up and produce more writing in general. Having somewhere to do so is a boon to fine-tune one’s writing and to tinker with the clarity of sentences.

Added to this, I’ve read and reviewed many books—all of which are self-published. In total, I’ve downed over thirty of these types of books, ranging in genre and skill. Though most have not been up to the quality I expect in a book, I have seen that most writers probably just need another round at editing, if not a few more hours of practice, which the manuscripts I’ve read clearly are the stepping-stones to something bigger and better if they stick with it.

Here I am, hoping for another productive and interesting year of reading and writing.


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