End of June Review

June 2018 With another semester coming to an end, I found some time on my hands. I wasn’t able to read as much as I’m used to—usually eight to ten books a month—but I also got a lot of reading, planning, and rewriting done. I’m very happy with where I’m at right now—though I wish … Continue reading End of June Review

End of Feb.

February 2018 Obviously, as you can see, I’ve had another big month when it comes to reading. With the new semester coming up, I wanted to clear off as much of my Kindle TBR list as possible. Seeing as it is break time, it shouldn’t be surprising, but even I am astounded by how much … Continue reading End of Feb.

Important Questions Readers Have Raised

Important Questions Readers Have Raised As soon as the first reviews came in, I began to see a growing trend in complaints regarding one element of the first book. I, in no way, meant to spark such a debate or animosity. However, some seem particularly upset with the moral implications my book contends. All of … Continue reading Important Questions Readers Have Raised