End of March

March 2018 The new semester started and everything’s going full swing again, yet still I’ve gotten some things done that I’m proud of finding the time to do. Books Read First up, I read this very strange ‘On Method Acting,’ inspired by my earlier read of ‘Moonwalking with Einstein.’ I wanted to up my game … Continue reading End of March

Top Re-read of the Month: Johnny Got His Gun

Dalton Trumbo's Johnny Got His Gun I do many books with my students and always find it interesting to go through a book I’ve read before, especially one from a long time ago. Not always do I get sucked back into my reread in exactly the same fashion as I did the first time around, … Continue reading Top Re-read of the Month: Johnny Got His Gun

The Fine Line of Your Internal Writer

The Fine Line of Your Internal Writer Having read many indie books now, I’ve noticed something. A voice, somewhere in my head, starts exploding in rage when these authors commit horrible crimes against me. All right, let me correct myself. This doesn’t only happen with indie books. I’ve encountered this voice while reading industry published … Continue reading The Fine Line of Your Internal Writer

Sizzle, Inc. (Isabella Maxwell Escapades #1)

Shizzle Inc. (Isabella Maxwell Escapades #1) (Humor / Satire) By Ana Spoke Rating Synopsis Isabella’s life long dream has been to get discovered, you know, be famous. Unfortunately, after her boyfriend breaks up with her and she has little left in prospects or skills, she decides to try out for a new job at the … Continue reading Sizzle, Inc. (Isabella Maxwell Escapades #1)

End of February Review

End of February Review Clearly, I haven’t been very productive this month, and that goes without saying. I’ve been mighty busy visiting home, flying here and there. Overall, it’s been a good break and I’m happy to be back. Nonetheless, I’ll run down what I was able to accomplish, if at all.   Books Read … Continue reading End of February Review

This Jerkwater Life

This Jerkwater Life (Short Story Literary) By James Berndt Rating Synopsis A growing clash between the Native American tribes and Douglas’ hometown inhabitants invades every aspect of his life, all the way down to the recent death of his father. In a way, both seem to haunt him as he tries to find a way to … Continue reading This Jerkwater Life

Melody Jackson V. the Woman in White

Melody Jackson V. the Woman in White (Genre Fiction) By B.M.B Johnson   Rating Synopsis Melody has big plans, and they all start with the weather station outside her house. For a young girl, it can be hard, but there is a reason, and she has her parents to help. Unfortunately, there’s something much greater … Continue reading Melody Jackson V. the Woman in White


Metamorphosis (Literary Fiction) By Isabella MacLeod  Rating Synopsis Miranda’s life is thrown into turmoil after being diagnosed with Morgollen’s Syndrome—a rare disease where the body starts producing strange objects from the skin. With it, her life changes quickly, along with her marriage and career. *Review Note* I’ve written about this book in a different fashion, … Continue reading Metamorphosis