End of April Review

End of April Review


I am overly happy with April’s progress. Despite loads of work, a lot of free time came my way, and ignoring all distractions, I was able to get a lot done and now find myself well ahead of schedule.

Books Read and/or Reviewed

Only about halfway through the month was I able to tackle any of my independent book reviews. My first one was a bit disappointing (Fireflies,) but the next one (Shizzle, Inc.) more than made up for it. Besides these two, I already have one more done which will be posted next month and am halfway through another book as well. Once I get my momentum going, it doesn’t stop. Here are my two reviews, click on the images below.

18649408.jpg  28074538.jpg

Besides my independent reading, I have also tackled quite a few published works, the first being Kate DiCamillo’s Magician’s Elephant. It had all the normal trappings of a DiCamillo book—the language and magic with a hint of fairytale—but did not land quite as well as I would have liked.

6345760.jpg  20820994.jpg

Next came I’ll Give You The Sun, by Jandy Nelson. This book is all over the book-blogging universe, so I wanted to give it a shot. Though I enjoyed the language and metaphors—especially when it comes to the brother—I felt it got old eventually. All in all, a fun read that I would recommend.

Then we have J.K. Rowling’s pseudonymous work, Career of Evil. With her whole Strike series, I have the same feeling over and over. While reading them, I enjoy it, but once I finish I’m left with a sense like I just wasted a whole lot of time on a guilty indulgence—you know, like eating a whole cake by yourself. It was good, but I could’ve done without it.

25735012.jpg  9777.jpg

My biggest struggle this month was Arundhati Roy’s God Of Small Things. I had to work my way into the fractured structure and take in all the strange word play and connections. In the end, a very rewarding book—her only one written so far—but well-deserving of the hype.

After that was Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. I really wanted to like this book as Nicola is married to a man with Korean roots and self-proclaims her love of Korean food, but in the end, even with loads of well-used and creative pictures, the story sagged in the middle. It felt merely like a hyped up teen-romance that didn’t even feel real.

18692431.jpg  2794.jpg

Lastly, I read a long time book on my list, Crying of Lot 49. Short, but strange, this book gets in your head and it is easy to see why it has been referenced in pop culture so much. It is the top of conspiracy books. If any of you have tried Pynchon and found him inaccessible—I forced myself through Gravity’s Rainbow, choking on certain abstruse sections—then this book is for you. Very readable.

Book Reviews Received

Otherwise, this month, I’ve received three Chewy reviews. Two are from the amazing bookworm, Justine @ bookwormaniac. The other one was for Chewy 2 from kind-worded Allie over @ alliesopinions. Please feel free to check out their blogs below.

Justine @bookwormaniac



Allie @ alliesopinions


Progress on 2016 goals

  • Finish Chewy 5: I’m happy to say I’ve completed—for the most part—this goal. Now, true, I still have the editing process and the alpha / beta reads to go through, but I’m happy to have the whole story set down. From here, it gets easy, or so I think.
  • Read ‘The Recognitions’: This month was awesome. I tossed down more than two hundred pages in this monster, getting to 342 total. I’m now more than a third of the way through, quickly approaching the halfway mark.
  • Compiling my Editing book: With Chewy practically complete, I hope to get started on this. However, my students’ projects are nearing completion, which means an abundance of editing work as well. I may have yet another month with little to show here. Sigh.

Next Month’s Agenda

Next month should allow me a lot of time to venture in other areas. I’m aiming at finishing my students’ stories and getting them printed. This means a lot of editing work on my part, but I do enjoy it, as do they. Nonetheless, I want to stay on top of my independent reviews as well as my extracurricular reading. Besides that, I don’t have any specific goals but to keep moving forward.


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