End of July

July 2017 A bit of a drop with the reading, but a lot done in other areas, along with some setbacks. Books Read Right away, I jumped into Gaimen’s Anansi Boys. The title is reminiscent of Brothers Karamazov, and though it is an off chute of Gaimen’s American Gods, in no way is it as … Continue reading End of July

End of April Review

End of April Review I am overly happy with April’s progress. Despite loads of work, a lot of free time came my way, and ignoring all distractions, I was able to get a lot done and now find myself well ahead of schedule. Books Read and/or Reviewed Only about halfway through the month was I … Continue reading End of April Review

Edit! Edit! Edit!

Edit! Edit! Edit! (My Top Three Editing Requests) I am not the type of person to break out the red pen or whip out a degrading comment in the sake of upholding the holy edict of grammar. Anyone with a halfway decent education should have perspective enough to know language—hey!—it changes, and so do the … Continue reading Edit! Edit! Edit!