October Review

October 2017 With a trip abroad, I got more Japanese books and started on some rewrites for Brief Lives that will probably push it into an even bigger book. My mind is swirling and cranking things out. So here goes. Books Read First off, I got through Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. Despite the … Continue reading October Review

April Review

Aprill 2017 Tough month with reading, but I just barely got it in under the wire. Books Read First read this month: Jo Nesbo’s Snowman. This book comes with a lot of acclaim; many saying it resembles the Millennium Trilogy. However, I disagree. Though it had all the elements of a good crime story—misdirection, a … Continue reading April Review

End of October Review

End of October Review A long month of test and other misadventures, but I was surprisingly able to finish more than I expected. I was anticipating to be busier and so to read less, but I pulled off almost an average month. On top of that, I got some editing done on some other writers’ … Continue reading End of October Review

Fireflies (Airborne #1)

Fireflies (Airborne#1) (Middle Grade) By Bree Wolf  Rating Synopsis Gabriel was a boy lost in a world of fantasy in his computer games until his fighting / busy parents sent him to his grandparents’ place in the countryside. With his life turned upside down, Gabriel tries to adjust, only to realize there is adventure outside … Continue reading Fireflies (Airborne #1)

Bumbling Bea

Bumbling Bea (Children’s Lit/ Middle Grade) By Deborah Baldwin  Rating Synopsis Bea’s life gets turned upside down when a foreign student from Japan, Machiko, takes the prize role in the school play. From there, conflict between the two girls arises until one day Machiko gets stuck in the bathroom. Prose The writing in this thin … Continue reading Bumbling Bea