End of August

August 2017

Another abysmal month for reading, but okay for writing.

Books Read


I started out with a reread for a student. I actually began this book in June but it took until now to finish it with her. Freakonomics. I’ve read all the other accompanying books as well, and it has been a while since I originally read it, so it was a surprised to see what I remembered and what I didn’t. The strange thing was I found I didn’t enjoy it as much this time around as I first did. I think mainly that’s because both authors’ writing has improved over their career. This book felt flat and without purpose. Still it was good.


Next, I took a quick fun romp with Through the Woods. I’ve heard about this book a lot and so when I saw it in the bookstore, I picked it up. The artwork is nice and fitting for the atmosphere of the book, resembling of something out of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. The stories—five of them—too were creepy and compelling with just enough to make you whiz through them. I only wished some were developed more into longer, full-book ideas.


Then I read Ishmael. I’ve heard about this book for ages, and to be honest, looked down upon it for the silly ideas people spewed about it. But finding it in a used bookstore for cheap, I tried the first chapter and found the writing style to be eloquent and fun. However, this was misleading. Though an easy read, my first presumptions were correct. A lot of it deals with rewriting history and the way we see our world. Nothing wrong with that, but the way it’s present is insulting and in the end no very realistic. Overall, it’s a spiritual book much like The Celestine Prophecy that tries to hoodwink you with a gimmicky presence.


For my book club this month, we had to read Abbey’s Desert Solitaire. He is clearly very poetic and well educated. The vocabulary on the guy is astounding, having pinned down many French-based words and dropping them into his sentences with ease. He describes and shows off his knowledge of the desert amazingly, as well as his hatred for developing park and the wilderness for the masses. I agreed with a lot of it, including the slight areas that delved into mysticism, but overall I felt his anti-technology wavering to be a bit much.

Progress on 2017 goals

  • Finish Crasher: Done—sent to: 10 more this month. Total: 82 agents
  • Read Life: A Manual: Done

The Fountainhead: Done

Here I Am: Done

Ship of Fools: Done

Tess D’ubervilles: Done

Middlemarch: 60 pages.

  • Send ‘All the Things in the Unknown World’ to agents: 225—done!
  • New Book: Brief Lives: a current total of 75,000 words, which makes this month’s addition a meager 20,000 words. I hope to finish next month.

Next Month’s Agenda

My goals are to finish Brief Lives, start my mass reading again, and keep chugging away at the agents. I had one interested in Crasher, asking for a full. This was my first time ever having that happen, so it was envigorating, though he ultimately turned it down. I hope that shows good things coming.

Give me your thoughts and comments

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