A Look Back at My Reading List (2016 Part 2: Classics)

A Look Back at My Reading List (2016 Part 2: Classics)


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m breaking down my reading list from last year to see where I’ve done a lot of new reading and maybe where I need to trim for the new year. My next stop: Classics.

As I said before in part 1, I did my best pull apart which books go in each category but sometimes it may not be so easy. Nonetheless, I ended up with 16 books. Mainly this is due to a lot of the rereading of classics I do with my students, so some titles here I’ve read before, although some are new. Overall, I think it is easiest to see that the largest word count and the longest time spent reading falls in this category. Classics are so because they take thought and aren’t thrown slipshod together. Although I know this loose definition is up for argument, it is the way I see it when it comes to this list.

Here they are:

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