Chewy 4

IMG_3629.JPGIt has been a long time coming, but I’ve finally decided to release the fourth book in the Chewy series. It was hard for me to do so, not because of the writing or the work that took to complete it. More so, it was because of a few events that have happened since the release of the third one.

First off, book three didn’t seem to garner as much attention or good reviews as the second one. I fully understood why the first one had its middling ratings, and so when the second came out, I was happy to see an upshot of opinion. Unfortunately, even though I worked even harder and got much better feedback from beta-readers for books three, somehow it sank. And so did I.

What further pushed me in this direction was, ironically, a blog post that pretty much dashed any reason to have a blog if you intend to be a writer. It, in no uncertainty, declared that blogging and or sharing things on blog will not help any of the goals I wished to accomplish. And so I grew stagnant…on this forum, at least. I have been productive elsewhere–writing and finishing three more books (tw0 of which are the final Chewys.)

So here is Chewy Noh and the Legends of Spring.

I will release the final installment shortly. Most likely in a day or two.


Give me your thoughts and comments

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