Root Bound

Root Bound (Emma and the Elementals #1) (Middle Grade) By Tanya Karen Gough  Rating Synopsis Moving to yet another new house, Emma encounters many strange things beyond just the pretty girls at school. She eventually meets and accompanies the strange creatures called Brownies into the Under—a world that exist just below ours that ties everything … Continue reading Root Bound

The Fantastic Fable of Peter Able

The Fantastic Fable of Peter Able (Fantasy?) By Natalie Grigson Rating Synopsis Peter Able is an ex-boy wizard just learning the ropes of no longer having a book series. As he adjusts to his new life in the land of Fiction, his life is turned upside down when he meets Randy Potts and the mystery … Continue reading The Fantastic Fable of Peter Able

Super Nobody

Super Nobody (YA) By Brent Meske Rating Synopsis Michael Washington is a normal boy in a normal town until, obviously, things change. At first, he just has trouble making friends. In fact, he is the target of quite a few bullies. The prospect of a newer, odder student in the girl called Charlotte seems promising, … Continue reading Super Nobody

Fireflies (Airborne #1)

Fireflies (Airborne#1) (Middle Grade) By Bree Wolf  Rating Synopsis Gabriel was a boy lost in a world of fantasy in his computer games until his fighting / busy parents sent him to his grandparents’ place in the countryside. With his life turned upside down, Gabriel tries to adjust, only to realize there is adventure outside … Continue reading Fireflies (Airborne #1)

Hecate’s Faun

Hecate’s Faun (Dark Fantasy) By Marc Royston  Rating Synopsis An old woman finds a mysterious body while the world around her is killing itself with the Civil War. From there, things fall apart, and secrets are revealed. Prose This was the hardest part of the story to weather through and probably the biggest cause for … Continue reading Hecate’s Faun

A Brief Stay at Earth Human Camp

A Brief Stay at Earth Human Camp (Children’s Sci-fi) By Marie C. Collins Rating Synopsis Anne and her brother, Atticus, get the biggest shock of their lives when they find out they are half-alien. After that, it doesn’t get much better. Their parents then whisk them off to camp into the lives of many other … Continue reading A Brief Stay at Earth Human Camp

Jake West The Keeper of the Stones

Jake West The Keeper of the Stones (Middle Grade Fantasy) By M.J. Webb  Rating Synopsis Digging in his grandfather’s attic, Jake and his best friend, Ben, accidentally open a box that releases an ancient power and awaken another world. Soon, both are thrust into an adventure and an old rivalry between two brothers that are … Continue reading Jake West The Keeper of the Stones

Elephants Never Forgotten

Elephants Never Forgotten (Middle Grade Sci-fi) By Ellis Nelson  Rating Synopsis Receiving a herd of micro-elephants upon her grandfather’s death, young Nigella Rose embarks on the mystery of missing elephants. Purportedly a massive outbreak wiped them out ages ago, but as clues start popping up, Nigella and her friend begin to believe otherwise. In the … Continue reading Elephants Never Forgotten


Graynelore (Adult Fantasy) By Stephen Moore Rating Synopsis Rogrig is a reiver, caring only about stealing and killing and following his graynelord, but when something strange happens on the battlefield, he wanders off on a world-changing adventure. Prose/Structure I’ve read stuff from this author before, so I know he has a unique way of presenting … Continue reading Graynelore