A New Review for Chewy 2

Allie over @ alliesopinions has gave a stunning review to the second Chewy book, and just after I've pretty much finished writing the fifth and final installment. Thanks to Allie, and please everyone check it out. https://alliesopinions.wordpress.com/2016/04/18/book-review-chewy-noh-and-the-phantasm-of-winter-by-tim-learn/

The Remedy

The Remedy (Middle Grade / Fantasy) By Susan Srikant Rating Synopsis When Joss’ sister, BiBi gets sick, it’s up to Joss to save her from the poison consuming her body. Unfortunately, there is no cure until Joss and her friends get wind of the ancient human friends, the Jarrlocks. Prose/Structure Let’s start out with what’s … Continue reading The Remedy


Graynelore (Adult Fantasy) By Stephen Moore Rating Synopsis Rogrig is a reiver, caring only about stealing and killing and following his graynelord, but when something strange happens on the battlefield, he wanders off on a world-changing adventure. Prose/Structure I’ve read stuff from this author before, so I know he has a unique way of presenting … Continue reading Graynelore

Clarification: My ‘Opinion’ System

My Opinion System A recent article I read has drastically shifted my understanding of what makes a book review. In essence, without a large, developed process and thorough vetting, it claims we blog-reviewers are nothing more than opinion-makers. Though I don't agree with all of it, certain aspects do make some sense. For this reason, … Continue reading Clarification: My ‘Opinion’ System

The Fine Line (between show and tell)

The Fine Line: (between show and tell)   Any writer who’s ever read a book on writing, taken a class on it, or just received a critical review will have heard about the idea of ‘showing, not telling.’ I’m not here to necessarily rehash what many of us already know. Only recently—getting a review that … Continue reading The Fine Line (between show and tell)