Two Common Writing Mistakes

A Review of Common Mistakes While Writing My one friend decided to write his own book, too, so I said, “Hey, let me see what you got!” And so he did, and immediately, the finer grammarian hairs on my neck stood up. Though I don’t take such things as seriously as other, I do find … Continue reading Two Common Writing Mistakes

To Beat a Grammarian: Commas (Part One)

To Beat a Grammarian: Commas (Part One) I cannot vent my frustration enough with these kinds of people! You know them—grammar Nazis. They follow the rules rigidly, and should a rule change, they ignore it vehemently, basing their adamancy on it not coinciding with some near-religious text they once read. In other words, zealots! But … Continue reading To Beat a Grammarian: Commas (Part One)

My Top Three Quick Editing Notes

My Top Three Quick Editing Notes When I’m not busy writing, I’m reading, and more specifically, I’m reading self-published works to help those authors out. By doing so, I’ve picked up on three easy ways to improve any manuscript that even I am guilty of, but having seen them so often, these mistakes are now … Continue reading My Top Three Quick Editing Notes