Kindle Scout Update

Unfortunately...Chewy's third book did not get accepted by Amazon's Kindle Scout. Oh, well! I wanted to have another experience with the process and I did notice somethings had improved, but overall, I found myself not really enjoying Amazon's new experiment in finding new works. I thought their old ABNA (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award) was a … Continue reading Kindle Scout Update

An Excerpt from Chewy Noh: Gangnim

An Excerpt from Chewy Noh: Gangnim  Currently, the latest volume of Chewy Noh is on Kindle Scout. To promote it, I’ve appended the third chapter for review. If any of you enjoy it, please go to the link below and check out more. Any votes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 3 Chewy lifted his head … Continue reading An Excerpt from Chewy Noh: Gangnim