Bala-Gala the Brave and Dangerous

Bala-Gala the Brave and Dangerous (Children’s book) By Gita Reddy   Rating Synopsis Bala-Gala encounters many dangers, changing each time into something more fitting for its environment. Prose/Structure I’ve read many books on the myths and beliefs of India. Their gods are sly and all-powerful, and usually have a much greater plan in mind for … Continue reading Bala-Gala the Brave and Dangerous

The Pink Dolphin Tale

The Pink Dolphin Tale (Kids Book)   By Ruthz SB   Rating Synopsis   The World listens on as Bebe recounts her tale of the pink dolphin—a story of growth, change, and self-realization.   Prose/Structure  The hardest part with any book is determining in which way to judge it. You need to be in the … Continue reading The Pink Dolphin Tale

The Power and the Fury

The Power and the Fury (The Eden Chronicles) (Kid’s Lit) By James Erith Rating Synopsis Three kids are sucked into Biblical destruction as forty days and nights of rain threaten a rural town in England. These children are destined to greatness but first must make it through a harrowing adventure. Prose/Structure This is James Erith’s … Continue reading The Power and the Fury

A Month of Bedtime Stories

A Month of Bedtime Stories (Kid’s book)   By Neil McFarlane   Rating     Synopsis This is a book about YOU—you and all the things you don’t have, but know where to get. Through it all, you meet talking creatures, go to different dimensions, and travel through time. Sadly, in the end, you always … Continue reading A Month of Bedtime Stories

Solitaire Prince

The Solitaire Prince (Middle Grade/ Young Adult) (Fantasy) By Tyan Wyss   Rating   Synopsis With her upcoming birthday, Princess Christine is forced to stipulate the requirements for the man she is to marry. Her stipulation: to play and win three games of solitaire. Easy, no? But should the suitor fail, their fates belong to … Continue reading Solitaire Prince

Glass Dreams

Glass Dreams / Helen Laycock (Middle Grade) Rating Synopsis The death of any close relative is life altering, but for Jake, it doesn’t stop there when, after his grandmother’s death, he discovers a box that holds the answers to his past, present, and future. With little else, he runs away from orphan life to the … Continue reading Glass Dreams