Betrayal of Ka

Betrayal of Ka (Adult Sci-fi) By Shea Oliver  Rating Synopsis Mindlessly following the highs a teen life can give him, Ka trumps a teacher after scoring a date from his dream girl. It is like heaven. But then, his business on the side steps in, and after a kid OD’s on his drugs, Ka’s life … Continue reading Betrayal of Ka

Elephants Never Forgotten

Elephants Never Forgotten (Middle Grade Sci-fi) By Ellis Nelson  Rating Synopsis Receiving a herd of micro-elephants upon her grandfather’s death, young Nigella Rose embarks on the mystery of missing elephants. Purportedly a massive outbreak wiped them out ages ago, but as clues start popping up, Nigella and her friend begin to believe otherwise. In the … Continue reading Elephants Never Forgotten


MythWinter (Middle Grade Fantasy) By Nick Green Rating Synopsis Having gone to another school, Anna feels her old friendships fading when a thick snow covers her town, which means only one thing—no school! On this simple, snow day, she rejoins her old friends, only to find herself the outsider until she stumbles upon young Jack—the … Continue reading MythWinter

Bala-Gala the Brave and Dangerous

Bala-Gala the Brave and Dangerous (Children’s book) By Gita Reddy   Rating Synopsis Bala-Gala encounters many dangers, changing each time into something more fitting for its environment. Prose/Structure I’ve read many books on the myths and beliefs of India. Their gods are sly and all-powerful, and usually have a much greater plan in mind for … Continue reading Bala-Gala the Brave and Dangerous

The Remedy

The Remedy (Middle Grade / Fantasy) By Susan Srikant Rating Synopsis When Joss’ sister, BiBi gets sick, it’s up to Joss to save her from the poison consuming her body. Unfortunately, there is no cure until Joss and her friends get wind of the ancient human friends, the Jarrlocks. Prose/Structure Let’s start out with what’s … Continue reading The Remedy


Graynelore (Adult Fantasy) By Stephen Moore Rating Synopsis Rogrig is a reiver, caring only about stealing and killing and following his graynelord, but when something strange happens on the battlefield, he wanders off on a world-changing adventure. Prose/Structure I’ve read stuff from this author before, so I know he has a unique way of presenting … Continue reading Graynelore


Redbone (Adult) By Matt Phillips Rating  PRE-ORDER NOW!!! Synopsis Calvin Redbone’s life is pretty monotonous. He wakes up, swings his Louisville slugger, walks to work, and eight hours later, comes back home. His life would’ve stayed this way if not for one horrible day that uproots everything. And when things change, Redbone becomes unhinged.   … Continue reading Redbone