This Jerkwater Life

This Jerkwater Life (Short Story Literary) By James Berndt Rating Synopsis A growing clash between the Native American tribes and Douglas’ hometown inhabitants invades every aspect of his life, all the way down to the recent death of his father. In a way, both seem to haunt him as he tries to find a way to … Continue reading This Jerkwater Life

Tooth and Claw

Tooth and Claw By Stephen Moore BUY NOW  Rating Synopsis With the new treaty between nations, a particular town finds itself in a no man’s land, and all its inhabitants are escorted out by force. They must gather up their things with little notice and ultimately leave many things behind, including their pets. Left without … Continue reading Tooth and Claw

The Pink Dolphin Tale

The Pink Dolphin Tale (Kids Book)   By Ruthz SB   Rating Synopsis   The World listens on as Bebe recounts her tale of the pink dolphin—a story of growth, change, and self-realization.   Prose/Structure  The hardest part with any book is determining in which way to judge it. You need to be in the … Continue reading The Pink Dolphin Tale

Lyric the Unknown

Lyric the Unknown (Middle Grade)   By Jim Maher  Rating Synopsis Remember what a drain it was to sit down and practice your instrument for school? Well, Lyric does. Practicing her violin is a waste…until the world suddenly decides to roll over and come to an end on her. The only thing she has left … Continue reading Lyric the Unknown

Glenn Hates Books (Book Review)

Glenn Hates Books (Brutally Honest Book Reviews Vol.1) (Reviews) By Glenn Conley   Rating Synopsis Glenn hates books. The title tells it all. He was not a fan of reading or writing or school for that matter when he was younger—as his blog proclaims—but somehow, he does an awful a lot now. And he holds … Continue reading Glenn Hates Books (Book Review)

The Bloodless Mask

The Bloodless Mask (Inspector Lukas Ricther Book 2) (Mystery / Crime) By Cy Wyss   Rating   Synopsis A headless body is found in San Francisco bay, starting a crime investigation into the murky depths of human trafficking and Spanish lore that only Inspector Lukas Ricther and his mystical eye can solve. Prose/Structure What hits … Continue reading The Bloodless Mask

A Month of Bedtime Stories

A Month of Bedtime Stories (Kid’s book)   By Neil McFarlane   Rating     Synopsis This is a book about YOU—you and all the things you don’t have, but know where to get. Through it all, you meet talking creatures, go to different dimensions, and travel through time. Sadly, in the end, you always … Continue reading A Month of Bedtime Stories