End of March

March 2018 The new semester started and everything’s going full swing again, yet still I’ve gotten some things done that I’m proud of finding the time to do. Books Read First up, I read this very strange ‘On Method Acting,’ inspired by my earlier read of ‘Moonwalking with Einstein.’ I wanted to up my game … Continue reading End of March

End of the Month: November

November 2017 Another month down, and it didn’t go quite as I had planned, but…we’ll see. Books Read First, I zipped through another quick library read. Usually English books—especially contemporary and current ones—are hard to find here in Korea, but I saw this on the shelf and picked it up. It was all over the … Continue reading End of the Month: November

End of December Review

End of December Review My motivation dragged a bit this month, but I hope it’ll pick up with the long break heading my way. Here’s what I’ve done. Books Read and/or Reviewed First, I tackled the long and windy ‘It Can’t Happen Here.’ With Trump’s election, this book started popping up everywhere, and I can … Continue reading End of December Review

End of October Review

End of October Review A long month of test and other misadventures, but I was surprisingly able to finish more than I expected. I was anticipating to be busier and so to read less, but I pulled off almost an average month. On top of that, I got some editing done on some other writers’ … Continue reading End of October Review

June Wrap of Up

End of June Review June is done. I’ve accomplished a lot and had a lot of stress along the way, coinciding with the end of the academic semester. Mostly, I’m happy to get some big things out of the way despite some certain failures. Books Read and/or Reviewed My reviews of independent books this month … Continue reading June Wrap of Up