Root Bound

Root Bound (Emma and the Elementals #1) (Middle Grade) By Tanya Karen Gough  Rating Synopsis Moving to yet another new house, Emma encounters many strange things beyond just the pretty girls at school. She eventually meets and accompanies the strange creatures called Brownies into the Under—a world that exist just below ours that ties everything … Continue reading Root Bound

Echo 1: Approaching Shatter

Echo 1: Approaching Shatter (Sci-fi) By Kent Wayne Rating Synopsis Atriya lives on another planet in the future. It is a dangerous place ruled with military stiffness, but Atriya is beginning to see things aren’t as they seem. Unfortunately, no one lives in a bubble, and before Atriya can make sense of things, his actions … Continue reading Echo 1: Approaching Shatter

Super Nobody

Super Nobody (YA) By Brent Meske Rating Synopsis Michael Washington is a normal boy in a normal town until, obviously, things change. At first, he just has trouble making friends. In fact, he is the target of quite a few bullies. The prospect of a newer, odder student in the girl called Charlotte seems promising, … Continue reading Super Nobody

Sizzle, Inc. (Isabella Maxwell Escapades #1)

Shizzle Inc. (Isabella Maxwell Escapades #1) (Humor / Satire) By Ana Spoke Rating Synopsis Isabella’s life long dream has been to get discovered, you know, be famous. Unfortunately, after her boyfriend breaks up with her and she has little left in prospects or skills, she decides to try out for a new job at the … Continue reading Sizzle, Inc. (Isabella Maxwell Escapades #1)

Bumbling Bea

Bumbling Bea (Children’s Lit/ Middle Grade) By Deborah Baldwin  Rating Synopsis Bea’s life gets turned upside down when a foreign student from Japan, Machiko, takes the prize role in the school play. From there, conflict between the two girls arises until one day Machiko gets stuck in the bathroom. Prose The writing in this thin … Continue reading Bumbling Bea

The Mystery of Hollow Inn

The Mystery of Hollow Inn (Middle Grade Detective) By Tara Ellis  Rating Synopsis Visiting her Aunt and Uncle on break with her best friend, Sam soon finds herself deep in a mystery. Something has been haunting the inn her Uncle runs. What’s worse is it’s driving all the customers away, but beneath the stories is … Continue reading The Mystery of Hollow Inn