Revisiting Grammar: Repetition

Repetition   This is maybe one thing in writing that too often goes unnoticed, but many writers nowadays seem to overlook the strengths and usually weaknesses of repetition. Is it all bad—no! Is it good—resoundingly no! So let me explain. Most people tackle editing with the sole desire to route out those pesky grammar problems … Continue reading Revisiting Grammar: Repetition

Revisiting Grammar: Misc. Points

Miscellaneous Points on Modifiers and Adjective Clauses Now that you’re clear on what modifiers are, let’s look a little more at common mistakes a few authors do with them, beyond the rudimentary ones. Twiddling his fingers, Tom walked over, staring at the baroque art. Truly, there’s only a slight problem with this. As you can … Continue reading Revisiting Grammar: Misc. Points