MythWinter (Middle Grade Fantasy) By Nick Green Rating Synopsis Having gone to another school, Anna feels her old friendships fading when a thick snow covers her town, which means only one thing—no school! On this simple, snow day, she rejoins her old friends, only to find herself the outsider until she stumbles upon young Jack—the … Continue reading MythWinter

The Power and the Fury

The Power and the Fury (The Eden Chronicles) (Kid’s Lit) By James Erith Rating Synopsis Three kids are sucked into Biblical destruction as forty days and nights of rain threaten a rural town in England. These children are destined to greatness but first must make it through a harrowing adventure. Prose/Structure This is James Erith’s … Continue reading The Power and the Fury

The Bloodless Mask

The Bloodless Mask (Inspector Lukas Ricther Book 2) (Mystery / Crime) By Cy Wyss   Rating   Synopsis A headless body is found in San Francisco bay, starting a crime investigation into the murky depths of human trafficking and Spanish lore that only Inspector Lukas Ricther and his mystical eye can solve. Prose/Structure What hits … Continue reading The Bloodless Mask