Review Policy / Beta reader

Review Policy



While trying to get my book reviewed, I noticed the dearth of reviewers willing to take self-published books. I can understand why. Many are scribblings of people who thought in the same ilk as ‘I can draw a circle, therefore I should be an artist’ with no thought to how much time it actually requires to produce a sound piece of work. This being said, quite a bit of the work I’ve seen produced by publishing companies are about the same. For this reason, I feel self-published authors need someone on their side to review their works and, coming from programs for editing and reviewing, I’ve always loved seeing what un-vetted writers have.

What I review:

I accept only self published work! I will take anything–but–this does not guarantee a review. I will read middle grade, YA, and any genre, except fan fiction. However, please don’t give me rehashes of your favorite books, and, be forewarned, I don’t particularly enjoy heavy sci-fi books riddled with its own language and concepts (a few are okay, but if every other word is the name of some new alien race or dystopian job title, I will lose interest fast.) I take no money for my reviews and judge them purely on how well-written and enthralled I get. Check out my Review System to get a better understanding.


What to send:

Before I consider reading your book, please send an e-mail to start a rapport. Tell me a little bit about you and a link to your book (Amazon is preferred, but I’ll figure something else out if need be.) Within a couple of days I will respond and can give you what I think on first glance and when I can fit you in…if at all. I primarily read through e-readers as I live and work in Korea, so to have me read your book you will need a mobi file available to send me.

Please send all inquiries to:

Keats0810 (at) hotmail (dot) com

or contact by filling out the below form:

What to expect:

I will read your book in a timely fashion. I hope to post about a review a week, though this doesn’t mean your review will take a week. After reading, I will send a message to you with what I see as your strengths and weaknesses, followed by the review. You can then decide to have me post it to Amazon and Goodreads, or not.

Beta Reader

To further help other self-publishing authors, I would love to be your beta reader. I have already read many self-published books and saw instantly aspects that needed tweaking or complete overhauling to produce the best result in readers. I’m a writer as well, so I know that distance from your creation is crucial. I will be constructive–no trashing your work–but my points will be critical. I want you to put forth the best possible story. If you’re wonder whether I’d be a good fit or not, please, look over my blog posts, specifically the writing section. It will highlight the areas I focus in while reading and the sections of your book I can help improve.

Contact me below:

Give me your thoughts and comments

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