Bumbling Bea

Bumbling Bea (Children’s Lit/ Middle Grade) By Deborah Baldwin  Rating Synopsis Bea’s life gets turned upside down when a foreign student from Japan, Machiko, takes the prize role in the school play. From there, conflict between the two girls arises until one day Machiko gets stuck in the bathroom. Prose The writing in this thin … Continue reading Bumbling Bea

What I Learned From Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park

What I Learned From Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park I mainly review self-published works because I encounter so many blogs that specifically and intentionally go out of their way to say suck it to self-published authors. That’s fine. That’s what they want to do. However, despite my reviewing habits, I tend to read mass published … Continue reading What I Learned From Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park

Hecate’s Faun

Hecate’s Faun (Dark Fantasy) By Marc Royston  Rating Synopsis An old woman finds a mysterious body while the world around her is killing itself with the Civil War. From there, things fall apart, and secrets are revealed. Prose This was the hardest part of the story to weather through and probably the biggest cause for … Continue reading Hecate’s Faun

This Jerkwater Life

This Jerkwater Life (Short Story Literary) By James Berndt Rating Synopsis A growing clash between the Native American tribes and Douglas’ hometown inhabitants invades every aspect of his life, all the way down to the recent death of his father. In a way, both seem to haunt him as he tries to find a way to … Continue reading This Jerkwater Life

Treasure (Seed Savers#1)

Treasure (Seed Savers#1) (Middle Grade/ YA?) By S. Smith Rating Synopsis Running into an old woman at church, Ana and her little group find out secrets about their world that many have tried to cover up: seeds. Even more so, they learn that all our food once came from them. The only problem now is … Continue reading Treasure (Seed Savers#1)

The Mystery of Hollow Inn

The Mystery of Hollow Inn (Middle Grade Detective) By Tara Ellis  Rating Synopsis Visiting her Aunt and Uncle on break with her best friend, Sam soon finds herself deep in a mystery. Something has been haunting the inn her Uncle runs. What’s worse is it’s driving all the customers away, but beneath the stories is … Continue reading The Mystery of Hollow Inn

A Brief Stay at Earth Human Camp

A Brief Stay at Earth Human Camp (Children’s Sci-fi) By Marie C. Collins Rating Synopsis Anne and her brother, Atticus, get the biggest shock of their lives when they find out they are half-alien. After that, it doesn’t get much better. Their parents then whisk them off to camp into the lives of many other … Continue reading A Brief Stay at Earth Human Camp


Metamorphosis (Literary Fiction) By Isabella MacLeod  Rating Synopsis Miranda’s life is thrown into turmoil after being diagnosed with Morgollen’s Syndrome—a rare disease where the body starts producing strange objects from the skin. With it, her life changes quickly, along with her marriage and career. *Review Note* I’ve written about this book in a different fashion, … Continue reading Metamorphosis

Jake West The Keeper of the Stones

Jake West The Keeper of the Stones (Middle Grade Fantasy) By M.J. Webb  Rating Synopsis Digging in his grandfather’s attic, Jake and his best friend, Ben, accidentally open a box that releases an ancient power and awaken another world. Soon, both are thrust into an adventure and an old rivalry between two brothers that are … Continue reading Jake West The Keeper of the Stones