Year in Review (Writing) 2018

Year in Review (Writing) 2018

Again, I’ve taken a different approach to writing this year. While I haven’t finish a fiction book, per se, I have put a lot of work into one, and have complete a non-fiction book for my students.


First, I’m now more than three-fourths done with my next project—American Snowflakes. It is a much longer and more introspective work, so it’s taking more time. Furthermore, I’m constantly doing extensive rewriting—reworking the sentences, diction, and dialogue, not to mentions structure to capture a better flow and word usage. One—though odd—complaint about Brief Lives was that the language was too simple. I didn’t see that, but I’m ramping it up for this one to probably hear something on the other spectrum once it’s done. So life goes.


Secondly, at the beginning of last year, I compiled many off shoot lessons I’ve been doing and made an essay book. This doubled as a compendium of Korean mistakes when it comes to basic English grammar. I feel these errors are unique to this country and must be further focused on. Other counties might be different. Oddly enough, I don’t know how much pointing out these glaring flaws actually helps. Nonetheless, I finished it, and it turned out quite well.

Lastly, here, last year, I spoke about my two girl students who were writing their own manuscripts. Around mid-year, one of the dropped out—the one that claimed she wanted to be a writer. The other one, who had no such aspiration, has continued it and is almost near the finish line. I can’t wait for her to do so, so we can do mass edits and more.

Despite the constant negativity, I have sent out sections of Brief Lives to many magazines as short stories for publication. So far, every one says NO. Which is no different to every agent out there for the book as a whole, or my writing as a whole. Ah—consistency!

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