Plans for 2019

Plans for 2019

My sentiments are usually the same when it comes to this: I want to push myself, but choosing something to high can be daunting. I had to explain this to my daughter as it came to New Year’s resolutions. But, here are mine:


  • Finish writing two books again this year

Last year, I complete absolutely zero, in respect to fiction. Although, true, I have American Snowflakes nearly done, I’d like to pound it out, revamp a lot of the writing, and tighten it before I closed the book on it. Then there’s my next project: Chloe, that’s already begging to get started. It will be substantially smaller than AF, but still will be time-consuming. Crossed-fingers.


  • Complete my next student book

I enjoyed and was impressed what I was able to do last year with my writing / Korean Mistakes book, and would like to replicate that with one that is a little more creative for my students to change up the monotonous tone of essay after essay. Besides, my daughter might take to it as well—I hope.


  • Tackle two big books: Hopscotch (x2) and another Gaddis

All right, the Gaddis might change as I’ve gotten his two biggest ones out of the way, but as for this spring, it is one hundred percent Hopscotch—a book that has to be read twice in different orders to create a new story both times. I discovered this oddity mid last year and have been itching to start it.


  • Read 75 books

After a blockbuster 135 books last year, I’m not starting at the measly 50 I’ve been used to. I know I’ll hit that mark way too fast. So here’s where I’m going first.


Sadly, my students are still chugging away at their books, but still I hope one of them will complete it. I’d like to give my last great group that much.

Give me your thoughts and comments

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