A Look Back Part 5: Middle Grade

A Look Back at My Reading List (2017 Part 5: Middle Grade)

This one was hard to do this year. I usually read many more because my wife teaches a lot of them, but I didn’t do quite as much. The pickings are slim.

Of all my books, the middle grade amount stands at a mere 5 books, and that’s stretching it, as some would discount Neon Bible and maybe even the Giver. Because of the age level that reads them here with my wife, I’ll put them in this category.

Here are my middle grade reads:


3636.jpgClearly, not many to pick from for best one, but even though Giver was a reread, I’d still have to good with this old goodie. It has all the right parts and flows so quickly. Haven’t seen the movie yet. Don’t know if I want to.

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