A Look Back Part 4: Foreign Books

A Look Back at My Reading List (2017 Part 4: Foreign Books)

I’ve made a new subset this year, mainly to replace the Indie books I’m no longer reading. Out of all the books I read, a great many are from other countries and have been translated. I figured why not set them apart in their own right and judge them.

For this year then, I’ve read 8 books. I’m not counting certain ones if they were originally written in English. Sorry Rushdie. Nonetheless, as you can see, many are Asian, with a few European ones tossed in.

Here goes:



28293.jpgOut of all of these–and not to repeat the winners of Adult lit–I would choose Life: A User’s Manual. Perec is a genius at story construction and the difficulty and levels to this story are awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but ask any hesitant reader to take pause. It is a big undertaking.



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