A Look Back Part 3: YA

A Look Back at My Reading List (2017 Part 3: Young Adult)

My passion has greatly dropped for this area of reading. I’m, at best, withheld when it comes to YA. If you haven’t read my posts regarding it, then you might not like my reaction to the larger bulk of this subsection.

That being said, I try to keep reading it, hoping that either my taste will drop and I will one day wake up and find everything in this grouping wonderful (unlikely,) or that somehow this sub-genre will improve. I’m really crossing my fingers for the latter.

Nonetheless, I’ve read 11 this year. Again the one thing I can say about it all, none of these books took longer than a day. Though there were some surprising ones in there. I’d have to say I liked Everyday and, obviously, The Hate U Give. The rest were a wash.

Here they are:



32075671.jpgMy pick for best one this year would definitely be The Hate U Give. I loved the contemporary issues it deals with, even though it gets sidetracked and dilutes the problem quite a bit, the fact that it raises this problem to such a young audience is commendable.

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