Look Back Part 2: Classics

A Look Back at My Reading List (2017 Part 2: Classics)

The definition of Classic can sometimes be hard to pin down. Italo Calvino dedicated a whole essay to it showing how hard it actually is. The meaning ranges from world lit to individual lit for each country or region. However, for me, these are the books that have been in memory and on my lists for a long time, and usually, not so modern.

And as you can see, just like last year, classics make up a large bulk of my reading—19 in total—second place to Adult lit. Again, this is no surprise. I tend to gravitate toward harder books, which are by definition many times, classics. On top of that, being a teacher, many of these books were rereads with my students, so obviously the number is fattened up by that.

Here they are:




315519.jpgMy pick for best Classic of the year would go to Rich Man, Poor Man. I read this almost a year ago, so for it being that long ago, I still surprisingly remember it well. I loved the tension of the story and how it kept me moving along despite its immense length. A good read.


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