Year in Review (Writing) 2017

Year in Review (Writing) 2017

This year has seen many changes in the way I’m going about my writing. On top of that, I’ve fully written two books of different genres while delving into some side projects.


First, I complete the manuscript for an idea I’ve brooding over for a while. One day while watching TV here in Korea, I saw a guy purposely hit another car to get insurance money. It didn’t ultimately work out for him because of laws here, but it got my mind thinking—what if the laws were different? And that’s where my book Crasher came from. In the end, I produced this last winter, completing the bulk of it in March, and soon had a full manuscript ready to shop around for agents. As of right now, I’m still making the rounds, but compared to my last story, this one has already gotten two full requests and a partial, so I’m happy even though I’ve found no representation quite yet.


Secondly, I finished another book. This one suddenly came to me while reading Porter’s Ship of Fools. The old man in it claims he can heal people by touch but most of the girls on the ship suspect he’s saying so just to touch young girls. With the current milieu, that doesn’t sound too far off. But I took it a different way. Diving into it, slowly two different themes emerged and from it I got Brief Lives. I’m still tooling around with it to get it just right, but I hope to start sending it out next year. I have a good feeling about this one.


Lastly, I’ve had some side projects. One being my students. Right now, they are writing what I hope will become workable manuscripts that they might send out to agents as well. Both are young but have good voices and know very well what girls their age would like. It will be exciting to see what happens.


Then I also read a friend’s book. Though I’ve given up on reading Indie books, I still remember the creative writing classes in university and enjoyed hearing the different voices and styles people had—professional and amateur. His story was a bit slow at first, but by the end I could see he was getting the hang of it. Hopefully, he will do more and I can read more in the future.

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