A Look Back at My Reading List (2016 Part 5: Indies)

A Look Back at My Reading List (2016 Part 5: Indies)


I already know I’ll be disappointed here and not for the reasons you’d think. Although indie authors come with a whole boat load of problems—from bad editing to horrible dialog (though that can be said for YA as well) to shoddy plotting—the real reason I’m saddened here is that I actually read much more of them last year. I think I enjoy them because they’re not professionally published. When indies really suck, then you know why. When published books suck—like many do—there’s little reasoning as to why they were printed in the first place.

My number for this category came to 9. That’s compared to last years 30. Clearly, a stark drop. Why such a large change? I think a little bit I got bogged down in my own writing and a dip in confidence seeing little reaction to these kinds of books. Also, finding newer ones that weren’t masqueraded as something else was a bit harder. I hope to up this number next year if possible.

Here they are:

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