A Look Back at My Reading List (2016 Part 1: Adult Literature)

A Look Back at My Reading List (2016 Part 1: Adult Literature)


This being my first year participating in Goodreads reading challenge, I have noticed I read much more and with a greater variety. Beforehand, I usually kept myself to certain genres, but as I’m writing in many different areas, I decided to branch out for those reason as well. With this in mind, I thought it would be good to breakdown my yearly reading to see the stats. I started with my usual reading choice: Adult Literature.

I separated this genre as best as I could from ‘Classic Lit.’ Some might squabble about what goes where, but that is the challenge with categories like the ones we have for books. Nevertheless, I end up with roughly 23 books in this list. Out of 81, that means I tend to read this area the most, bringing in roughly ¼ of the total.

What I can draw from this is, many of these books I enjoyed or spent probably a fair amount of my time reading. Adult books tend to take more time and they are richer and usual better quality. I don’t think my reading habits here will change.

Here they are:


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