Top Three Plans for 2017

Top 3 Plans for 2017


There are a few things I’d like to achieve in the next year. True, the list is always growing, but one must narrow things down to get anything done.

1) Finish my ‘Crasher’ book


I’ve had this idea in my head for a while and have let it sit and foment. Finally, I’ve gotten around to setting a nice little amount of words for it down. Now I’d like to finish it and get it out there.

I got the idea for it originally because of the bad driving I see here in Korea. Then I saw news that certain areas of America are becoming the same because of a certain way patrolling and driving ordinance are enforced. Ever since high school econ, I’ve wondered why more things haven’t been privatized if that is the ideal for capitalists—though I know that’s not ideal for humans, in general. This book stretches that playfulness to the road.

2) Get another big tome crossed off my book list


This year I’m thinking of reading either Gaddis’ ‘J.R.,’ especially after reading his ‘The Recognitions’ last year. Although I’m not sure I’m quite up to jumping into his thick prose so soon. I have heard, however, that J.R. is where he perfects his ‘talking head’ dialogue I’ve heard so much about, so I am tempted.

Otherwise, I do have Perec’s ‘Life: a manual.’ I’ve heard it’s quite thick—plot and character wise—as well. The book may not be a behemoth like some others I’ve read in the past, but it definitely will be trying. I read his ‘A Void’ earlier this year and found daunting, but do-able with its roughly 300 pages. This book, however, is much longer. I believe 800 or so. This could make it harder. We’ll see.

3) Read 50 books


My Goodreads goal last year was 50 and then I upped it to 75. I consumed more than I expected, pushing myself at a breakneck pace in the beginning. But this time around, I think I’ll be going slower, though, I’ll have to wait and see. I still have many books I want to clear off my shelf, not to mention my e-book shelf, so I may up it again this year.

Give me your thoughts and comments

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