Top Three Self Published Books of 2016

Top Three Self Published Books of 2016


As for self-published books, 2016 has been quite impressive as last year where I got through over 30 books. This year’s tally runs at a shallow 8, though I did a lot of editing and critiquing of works in progress. From this short list, it is hard to compile a top three. In 2015, I was barely able to scrape one together but found them and a notable mention. This year is tougher.

1) Shizzle Inc.


By far the most intriguing indie book I read this year had to deal with Isabella Maxwell. I found the writing enjoyable and flawless, not to mention the character’s voice unique and quirky. Still now, I recall there were many line and description points that popped out. Ultimately, I didn’t like the overall arc of the story because it was hard to relate to the character—a person very much different from myself with her vapid, conceited ways—but nonetheless, it was a neat read.

2) Echo 1: Approaching Shatter


I remember liking many aspects of this little book, which is one of the detracting points. It doesn’t run to a full length. In fact, it drops dead as soon as a lot of cool stuff is purportedly about to happen. But up until that point, you get a nice world grafted around you. My particularly favorite part was the strange religion—very Buddha / Star Wars-like—and the mentality that goes with living on another planet. The parts that drew away from the book are the long, boring beginning / info dump, and the sometimes too highly detailed descriptions of all the gear these bad asses use. All in all, it was one of the more exciting reads, if it didn’t need a little chopping first.

3) And…that’s about all.


Like I said, I didn’t have the luxury to read a lot of them this year. My energy for dry dialog, massive info dumps, and poor editing was very thin after the first four months of 2016. Maybe I wiped out all my good intentions last year. I hope to do more next year…but I have a feeling that’s not going to happen. Still you never know?


Here’s the list of the other books that didn’t make the list:


Root Bound


Fantastic Fable of Peter Able


Falcon Boy


Super Nobody




Bumbling Bea

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